Nivea is taking their commitment to skincare to a whole new level with their sunscreen pooping seagull drone. This seagull shaped drone soars majestically through the skies and shits out creamy white sunblock over unsuspecting [More]
Aerial footage of the two tallest and fastest roller coasters in Canada! Behemoth and Leviathan are located in Canada’s Wonderland, north of Toronto. Leviathan is rated as the seventh-tallest and eighth-fastest roller coaster in the [More]
amazing moment of the baby calf hugging the mother. Hope this brought a smile to your face. Filmed on the North Shore of Oahu.
Photographer Ryan Deboodt explored Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam using a drone, revealing an entire world in the depths of the earth.
Pioneering game fishing from the beach using innovative techniques from above. Drone Fishing Release Mechanism coming soon!!
SOARING over two metres above the water, you would be forgiven for thinking these winged wonders are a type of bird – but they are actually flying mobula rays. Captured on camera by zoologist and [More]
Armed with a remotely operated mini­-helicopter, National Geographic engineer Alan Turchik gets a bird’s­-eye view of 3,000-­year-­old royal burial chambers. The unique perspective is helping to unravel ancient Nubian mysteries.
Video technology and science converge on an active volcano in Vanuatu, where explorer Sam Cossman operated camera-mounted drones to capture high-definition images of the spectacular yet dangerous Marum Crater.
What do you get when you mix an ass model, a drone cam, and a barely-there bikini? This ass-some video!!
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