UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera

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This is a great flying little quad (UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2), although it has been fairly windy since this has been delivered I have still enjoyed it, it does fair in light wind but it is a very light little machine and a gust of wind will pick it up and carry it away fairly quickly, It’s a tough little bird though.

The camera is a fairly decent little camera although I upgraded the MicroSD card fairly quickly, the 1gig card fills up pretty quick.

The remote is great, it feels comfortable in hand and has digital trim settings and a digital readout showing throttle setting, remote battery life, trim settings, camera settings, etc, it also has the 360 inversion button you can tap to make the quad do flips, be sure to have some altitude before doing this a be ready to hit the throttle again to keep the quad from hitting the ground.

This Quad is really very nice for the money (around $50). The auto-stabilization is pretty extreme which make this great for someone learning to fly as well as a stable platform for taking pictures.

One thing to note is that this quad is virtually indistructable! Crash after crash, it continues to perform reliably.

The onboard video and picture snaps are not high definition, but they are static free and very stable when loitering at altitude. You won’t know what you’ve captured in the camera until you get it back to your computer to transfer the files from the camera via the included USB cable.

UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera

  • 6 AXIS GYRO with posture control – Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft.
  • 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation. Video Camera FPV.
  • High Capacity Battery And Strong Power Motors Enable The Helicopter To Fly Much Longer And More Efficiently.
  • Charging Time is about 120 minutes while Flight Duration is about 7-9 minutes.
  • Modular Design makes it easy to install and repair. Remote Distance is up to 30m.
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