Walkera QR X800 BNF Professional RC Drone

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BUY Walkera QR X800 BNF Professional RC Drone DSLR Cinema Photography UAV Quadcopter from amazon

Walkera QR X800 FPV

Atomik RC presents the Walkera QR X800 professional level aerial photography RC drone. This model is ideal for carrying action cameras such as the Walkera iLook, GoPro Hero 3 and unlike the DJI Phantom or DJI Phantom2, it has the ability to carry a full featured digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera.

It also features retractable landing skids and foldable frame design for ultimate portability. The frame is made almost entirely from 3K weave carbon and glass fiber for rigidity and durability. The QR X800 can be connected to MAVLink compatible software such as Mission Planner allowing access to nearly limitless programming options such as flight modes, GPS waypoint flying, and other advanced tuning options.

Walkera QR X800

With a 6S 6000-12,000mAh 22.2v LiPO battery 40+ minutes of flight time is easily obtainable thanks to the high efficiency brushless power system. Also includes 15.5 inch carbon fiber blades, FCS800 APM based open source Multi Axis flight controller, and aluminum carrying case.

  • FCS800 Multi Axis Control Platform
  • Core-Integrated Circuit System
  • Carbon Fiber Structure Design
  • Retractable Landing Skids
  • High Performance Brushless Motors

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