Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter

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  • Waypoint Mission Planning/Designated Flight
  • Follow Me Mode/Follow Recorded Track Back Home
  • Real Time Telemetry Monitoring with Compatible Tablet or Mobile Phone
  • Up to 25 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Can be changed from 4 motor to 8 motors increasing the models payload

Walkera brings to the table their most innovative and impressive quadcopter ever to be released, the Scout X4. Featuring waypoint mission planning (up to 128 waypoints), flight designation through a touch screen tablet or phone (provided by pilot) using the included bluetooth ground station device. Also featured is a follow me mode, real time telemetry monitoring, and the ability to add an additional 4 motors and blades for extra carrying capacity (extra motors not included), along with all the advanced features you’ve come to expect from Walkera.

Walkera Scout X4 b

Serious quad (ready to be upgraded to an X8!) and everything as advertised. Feature rich controls and the iLook camera is surprisingly good.

very stable on flight and hold its position rock solid, turn off the GPS assist and this baby can fly !


It is a very sleek design quad and the radio transmitter is a great. There are a few settings that MUST be changed in the Mission Planner program and on the radio transmitter before you fly. You will need to go to the Walkera Scout X4 facebook page and look under files to find the instructions. With these settings changed they make it a great quad. But be WARNED you need to change these settings or you could have some problems!!!!!!!!

The Scout X4 does have a few weaknesses. The landing skids (carbon fiber version) seem to be brittle so go easy on the landings, and the documentation is a little difficult to work through.

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